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The record player consists of poplar wood and paper with a brushed aluminium finish
The arm was carved wood and doll rods and swiveled onto the records
The metal consisted of tagstock with a brush aluminium finish and featured a vinyl custom logo
Picking up the center post reveals the hidden stack of record coasters - featuring the some of the best vinyls
A plastic coaster with a vinyl decal - this record is a reproduction of Michael Jackson's Thriller
Coaster in use
A very early and quick concept of my minimalist phonograph idea
Drilling out the recess for the hidden vinyls
A stack of "vinyl" around my center pin (a bolt which would be cut and sanded down)
Records on the center bolt, before cutting it down
Table Top Vinyl Coasters

A miniaturized phonograph for coffee tables (roughly 6" x 6" x 2.5" tall). It features a rotating volume knob, a swiveling arm and nine vinyl records. Each record serves as a coaster for drinks. Beneath the turntable, hides a stack of redrawn reproductions of some of the best vinyl ever recorded, and each is the perfect size for holding your drink.

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Stephen Diebold
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA