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The 100% corrugate chair
The edges were finished with paper tape before being painted
The design used white, grey and black latex paint
Note: I am 6' 6" tall
Top detail shot
Horse head close-up
Chair "arms"
Backside of the top
A picture of the source material. "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso
Thronica - Modern Sculpture/Chair

A modern chair design celebrating Picasso's 1937 classic painting Guernica. To turn this massive painting into a chair, there was only one option, to make a massive chair. It comes in at just over 7' tall. The painting was a blast to translate into 3D space and still uphold some of the feel of a cubism Picasso painting. The entire piece is constructed using currugated cardboard and paper tape. The waffle grid running throughout the design stood up to a 200 lb man standing upon it to reach the top while painting.

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Stephen Diebold
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA