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Rio de janeiro, Brazil. Documenting drugs, guns, and gangs deep in a favela.
Fashion Shoot. Los Angeles, USA.
Portrait of woman painting ceramics in the city of León, Nicaragua.
Punk show in a basement in USA.
This Women hit a child riding his bike. Explaining her side to police, while responders attend to child. Croatia.
Traffic in Phnom Penn, Cambodia.
Fashion Shoot. NJ shore.
Street Photography. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Experimentation. I printed this with a paper negative I made, and then experimented with printing method in the dark room.
Street Photography. London, England.
Documenting working children. Floating fishing village, Cambodia.
Fashion Shoot, Philadelphia, USA.
Documenting Indigenous culture. Panama.
Bosnia and Hercegovina.
Photo Concept.
Portrait. Marquette, Michigan. USA.
Street Photography. Marrakech, Morocco.
Fashion Shoot.
Steve Firth
Creative Professional Philadelphia, PA / Los Angeles, CA