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Oil portrait - While at General Press Corp. I had the distinct pleasure of being commissioned to paint the president of GPC. He was very fatherly toward me at a time when I lost my father to cancer, and he was a brilliant teacher about the finer aspects of printing, and also his passion for American history. He was a great mentor to me, and leaving that company for a bigger opportunity was bittersweet.
Gettysburg Address - This is the poster that is in the background of the previous portrait. It contains several watercolor portraits and action scenes that I did as a pet project of my boss. He loved American history and thought the Gettysburg address was one of the most eloquent speeches ever written. He printed these to send to schools around the country, and wanted Lincoln's handwritten speech large enough to read.
Fine art portraiture
Steve Mobley
Production Manager / Sr. Graphic Designer / Brand Manager /... New Kensington, PA