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Lacoste Wrist Watch Concept - This is the face of the watch as you can see I added the 2 features under the Lacoste logo. The 24-hour time just incase people would like to tell time based on hours. I also added the days of the week and the days in numerical form.
Lacoste Wrist Watch With Lacoste Logo Pattern - Here I added the wrist strap. The wrist strap has the Lacoste pattern, I thought it would be cool since you see other brand companies with patterns. If you look very closes they also have continuous patterns of little aligators going horizontally and verically.
Locoste Wrist Watch Concept Work In Progress - In this image I added the hour and minute hands because my last photos didn't have them. You somtimes always see logos very small on wrist watches, that is why I made mine very large. You can see that the hands don't cover the logo because I designed the second in an "O" shape so it spells out LAC"O"STE.
Lacoste Square Design Watch - With Leather Strap - Square design wrist watch with a black leather strap. Leather straps are used often in cassual clothing so it wouldn't hurt to have many straps for this watch.
Lacoste Square Design Watch - Steel Metal Strap - Metal designed strap, still incomplete because I'm design the clip for it at the moment. But the steel, it's always a clean look.
Wristband Watch - Well this is my first women's watch I design. I see alot of punk/rocker girls wear wrist bands so i decided to stick a LACOSTE watch to it. Pretty soon ill design some other wrist watches by different companies, im thinkin Armani or Gucci.
Concept Wrist Watch
Steven Nguyen
Designer Franklin, LA