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Snug Fit Mountain Biking Armor

For my Thesis studio design project, I wanted to improve mountain bike pads. I am an avid cyclist and have had the problem of never finding a pad that truly fits snug to the shape of my body. I focused specifically on lower leg protection, as after reviewing the pads I own this area was the most trouble some. Typically the pad would slide around my leg and cause uncomfortable pressure points. Which would cause me to have to stop my riding and have to readjust the pad, this became very annoying.
After extensive research, I came across a number of materials and technologies from other sports. That I implemented on the design of my mountain bike pads. I developed a pad that used injection foam that could be custom sculpted to each individuals' body shape. Allowing a true one size fits all pad, that could grow with the rider over time.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Jeremi Stogniew
Industrial Designer Hamden, CT