Finalised candlestick. I used a lot of different materials to try to get a more exclusive look, like the two thin metal tubes in copper and brushed aluminum milled into the light poles.
This image shows a cross section of the light poles with electrical wiring as well as the thin copper and aluminum pipes. You also get a glimpse of the threaded steel rod drilled into the pole to attach it to the base plate and make it sturdy enough to stand on its own.
This was the first light test I did when I had just connected all the parts for the first time.
Close up of the bottom side of the light poles where the brushed acrylic poles is installed to make the light disperse effect for a softer LED-downlight effect. I also kept the wood structure to keep the illusion of traditional advent candlestick who were almost always built by hand out of wood. It creates a nice groove to the otherwise more modern-age design.
Closeup of the LED-downlight and the light dispersion from the inserted brushed acrylic glass rods.
LED-strip close-up from another angle.
Once again the brushed acrylic cretaes an almost jetfighter after burner effect when wathing closely :)
Finalized candlestick against a white wall.
Photo taken from outside (you see the snow just beside the window). The picture is from my first test I have raised the whole candlestick upwards since then so that you can see it better from the outside.
Just another image of the final product.
Christmas candlestick light design

I have always loved christmas time, its something magic about all the light decorations people put in their windows lighting up the dark time of the year (in Sweden where I live its only daylight for a few hours during winter). I have had this idea of designing an advent candlestick for quite some time and finally took some time to actually realize it. Im quite pleased with the resulting combination of traditional advent candlestick lights and modern LED-strips as it creates a softer mode.
I attach some pictures from the build phase later on but start with the final product.

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