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An all new business meeting format was crafted. Designed as an entertainment platform, the format provided the audience with personal, authentic commentary from a Ben Stein-moderated panel discussion with Toyota executive leaders and San Francisco 49ers Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh. Following that, social media maven Gary Vaynerchuk addressed the Board of Governors with a TED-style address on the evolving business landscape. In addition to the updated business meeting format, a new look and logo for the Board of Governors program was launched, supporting Toyota's commitment to their brand pillars.
Toyota Board of Governors Event

On a sunny San Francisco morning in April 2014, Toyota Motor Sales and its American Board of Governors gathered in the Contemporary Jewish Museum to hold its annual business meeting. This year, the spirit of a NEW Toyota was presented; a forward-thinking company that is Innovative, Inspiring & Exciting. Towards that, Toyota's Bob Carter, Bill Fay and Jack Hollis, aligned themselves with like minded leaders from diverse fields, all at the apex of their careers, to support their message.

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