Outdoor living space_Neou KHB07

a previously interior design project brief from client to have a interior living space, found out by the architect that working out the given interior space from developers arent the best compliance to what the user are need of.
The Architect then propose to make an outdoor living space in the frontyard, replacing the lawn that were full of utility manhole, such a waste of space.
later then, the space is covered with openable wooden deck, surrounded with wooden table, benches, shrubs, pergola, and tropical style landscape to act as a buffer from the outside, and at the same time to become a outdoor living space, connected directly to interior pantry & living room.

the outdoor space has now become the most place to held activities to engage with other people, such barbequieng, yoga, meditating, as well as product photo shooting, and ultimately social space.

Studiork Design South Jakarta, Indonesia