Breaking Surface

Breaching theatrical boundaries, Breaking Surface merges dance, acrobatics, flight, water, & poetic imagery ferrying the audience into the world of a man whose imagination is so active that his ideas can’t stay on the page. A muse enamored with possibility leads the characters on a watery adventure that defies expectation and builds on that moment of agony– or delight– when we have committed ourselves to the unknown but have yet to take the first step.
Presented by AiRealistic, this new creation by Gwyneth Larsen and William Mulholland takes flight over water, exploring adventure, farce & romance. Dynamic physicality & surprising perspectives carry the audience through a world of childhood fantasy & aquatic longing.

These are three posters – all print collateral.

Photography: Whitney Browne

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Freelance, Full-time
Nora McKelvey
Graphic Designer New York, NY