Graph Rabbit

Website Code & Back-end: Lior Kedmi

* Website currently in Beta

Graph Rabbit is the Brooklyn-based duo of artist/composer Austin Donohue (guitar, vocals, bells) and experimental pianist Shy Kedmi (analog synths, bells, etc). Graph Rabbit’s debut album Snowblind – released in October 2012 by Butterscotch Records – is produced by Allen Farmelo (The Cinematic Orchestra, Talk Normal, Mikael Jorgensen/Wilco) and mastered by Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk, Sigur Rós).

These are some typographic elements, and front-end web design of their press page, and their 11? x 17? Summer 2013 tour poster.

Bells are an integral and defining element of Graph Rabbit’s music, and the band strongly felt that bells should be the focus of their outward identity.

It was truly joyful to work with such talented artists.

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