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Common Racket Base with the changeable handle. Printed Eva foam sleeve for grip and branding. Its thin and removable. Push lid / lock – to insert the Eva grip + branding and holds it as well. Playing ball, with 2 different sizes, one for tennis one for table tennis, it can be printed too. The handle of long tennis racket becomes the Catapult, when not in use.
It’s a Cricket and Base ball set with Mickey graphics. Printed sleeve has been given for grip and branding. 1 Ball, 2 Bails, base to fix 3 stumps has been designed. Bail has a form like Gilli and the stump has been designed to use as a Stick to play GILLI DANDA (pee-wee)
It’s a Multi Play Sports Hockey and Golf Set with Common Stick with the changeable heads. Printed Eva foam sleeve for grip and branding. It’s thin and removable. Connector lock to connect stick with the heads and also to connect 2 sticks together to form a new toy. It contains 1 Playing ball, with 2 different sizes, one for Hockey and one for Golf. Two sticks connect to become swirling stick when not in use.
Portable Football Goal post sets up easily with plastic pipes, connectors and a net. Light weight, sturdy. Using the same pipe that of a goal post, dribble cone, net & a ring, one can assemble a basket ball post. Height can be adjusted by using pipes of different lengths. Easy and portable, also can be used in outdoor setups. These cones make it easy to set up hurdles and "crawl through" for obstacle gross motor activities. Set of 3 cones in 3 different colors have multiple holes for different height settings, plus slits in the top for attaching a basket ball post. Connect three pipes and fix it on a play ground, backyard or in sand. Younger kids can use these plastic training hurdles to build jumping skills; older kids can use them for agility training. Toy grows with the kid. Children will have fun while developing and refining their gross motor skills.

Co-designer: PAUL Sandip
Innovative sport toys by Pink Elefant for Disney were launched at TOY BIZ Internation, New Delhi, July'12.
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Designed sport toys having Extended life for Disney India. These were launched in TOY BIZ International in New Delhi, July 2012.

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