The Business Of Smiles - The cover was based on the social responsibilities done by great leaders and companies. It also includes the column written by great leaders and their view point on corporate social responsibilities.
The Perils of Protectionism - The cover is based on the protectionism law which state the foreign trade doors will be closed for the outsider. So I choose showing the maps of the countries with barbwire bridging the divide.
Young Leaders - The challenge was to show 25 new growing leaders in different sectors. I choose five colors to differentiate the sector and place them in silhouette.
Why Food Inflation Is Here To Stay - Its basic idea was to show the rise and rise of food inflation in India. The food is written with the help of vegetables, pulses, fruits to make it look more of a consumer driven.
The Big Shift - The challenge was to show that the government and companies are focusing on green planet theory and how they can achieve it by making changes in the mode of transportation and helping people to reach faster to their destination.
The state of business - The cover was based on the growth in different clusters after being hit by recession. The gleaming yellow light shows that the recession is gone and companies are now looking again for their growth in the near future.
Sensex What Next? - Its a 5th Color Cover. The brief was to show whether the sensex will go up or will slide down as due to constant change in the market.
Business Bollywood Style - The cover is based on the bollywood industry and how they are recovering money. Now-a-days all the movie cover up their money whether they are hit or flop. The cover the costing of the movie with their names to show that whether it was a flop but they manage to survive the loss.
Battleground Europe - The cover was based on the report that Europe will be the new hub for IT companies. Both American and Indian are in the race to make their place.
This was the year end issue. The idea was, its the party time as the New Year is coming with new hopes. So I decided to show psychedelic colors in an illusion like it was in retro style.
Niche Companies - Emu farming was one of the niche business carried inside with 12 other stories. So editor decided to show something was was unique and people have never heard of. The meat of this bird was around approx Rs. 15,000/kilo I suppose.
Due to recession many people especially in IT has seen pink slips. A brief story on the people who lost their jobs for no reason. The idea was to show faces but few refused as they fear they won't get job elsewhere.
As Ratan Tata step down from his empire, what will happen to TATA empire and how it make to the top. A blow-by-blow account of how he created India's first truly global business group.
The New Fight For Talent - There was a time when people used to shift job from Indian to MNC for better pay and growth. But the time has change and even Indian companies are doing better than MNC and providing every facility to their employee. The talent has started shifting from MNC to Indian companies, the question is whether they would be able to hold the talent or will Indian companies will win.
Next Target $150/barrel - The cover was based on the rise in price of crude oil market due to war in Eqypt and how it is going to effect India.
What Next For Real Estate - Developers are fast running out of options. With high levels of debt, rising unsold inventory and lack of funding,the long-awaited correction looks inescapable.
Indi's Best Employers - The photo was very nice and innovative, that the CEO of the company carrying his employee on his back and having fun with them. So why not employee will love working for them.
The red color shows the danger and the loss faced by the power corporation. Power grid criss-cross lines in the back states the confusion within the corporation to manage the power supply to the consumer.
What's wrong with Anil Reliance? - As reliance is constantly giving bad news about its business, with pending orders, and doing bad on BSE, so the question arise what is wrong with Anil Ambani's business?
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Sumeet Gupta
Creative Director, Infinity Thoughts Dubai, United Arab Emirates