Outside of the wedding program for my friend, designed in Adobe Illustrator
RSVP card
Inside of the program
Poster made for a friend's free National Novel Writing Month write-in, November 2014
Poster for MomoCon laid out by me with existing images. Wording hand-drawn homage to the Back to the Future dance poster, drawn by me. March 2013
Outside of the wedding program
Inside the wedding program
Tradeshow poster for Kaleidoscope Shop, made in Photoshop, 2015
Original ad for the Kaleidoscope Shop that appeared in the Atlanta Symphony Encore program
My Kaleidoscope Shop ad in the Encore program under Kristin Chenoweth
A black and white coupon advertisement for a local play program. Made in Gimp, 2015
Yearbook advert for the Kaleidoscope Shop
Tradeshow poster for Wert & Associates, made in Photoshop, 2015
Image designed for a save the date email sent out to family and friends for our wedding, 2011.
Three-fold brochure about my me and my groom's history (given out at our wedding reception) I made in InDesign.
Our wedding program, laid out in InDesign.
Book cover for devotional book anthology written by my writer's group. Cross is a stock picture, and the sunset cloud pictures were taken by me. Photomanipulation and layout done in Photoshop
Layout highlights from "WOW Stories"
Book cover design for book by Diane G. H. Kilmer. Cover art and layout by me in Photoshop
Layout highlights from "Encounters"
Three fold brochure made in InDesign with elements from Photoshop and Illustrator
Back of the ResearchPoint website postcard. Made in Photoshop
Front of a postcard advertising the ResearchPoint website. Made in Photoshop
Christmas update from CCSI (Christian Community Services Inc.) done in Illustrator. Tree and background designed by me, paper and ornaments are stock.
Music poster, made in Photoshop
Holiday card for the JMU Alumni Office. Made in Photoshop
Email-out postcard layout and original "Evolution of the JMU Volunteer" illustration by me
Print Materials

Designs for brochures, posters, small advertisements, book layouts, postcards, and wedding invitations and programs

Christina Wert
Artist & designer, fantasy writer, full-time geek Decatur, GA