Birthday invite - This is a print invitation that I designed for a friends birthday party. He came up with the theme and I created this design based on the theme.
Breastfeeding Ad/flier - My task was to develop a b/w ad to promote the breastfeeding helpline and website. This was the ad I came up with. It was also used as a flier. brochure cover - This the cover of the brochure that I redesigned from concept to completion. ad - This is a sample of an ad I created for the ad campaign.
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS day poster - My task was to design a poster for NGAWHAD using a diverse group of women. This is the design I came up with.
Annual Report cover - This was a freelance project I did a while back. My task was to design a cover for the CFC using patriotic colors. This is the design I came up with.
Brochure cover - My task was to work with a senior college student to develop print materials for freshman orientation based on a theme and colors chosen by the student. The student chose "space odyssey" and two PMS colors to be used. I designed the logo as well as the print materials.
Daybook cover - As graphic designer, my task was to design the yearly daybook in it's entirety. The cover is 4-color and the inside was done in 2-colors. The client preferred the use of diverse photos. This is the design I came up with based on that.
Flier - This is a freelance project of a flier that I designed for an event.
Book cover design - This is the cover of a book I designed for the Office on Women's Health (I designed the entire book independently).
Booklet cover - This is the cover of a booklet I designed for This design was based on girl's user-group testing feedback.
Save the date card
Book Cover Redesign - For this class project, I had to choose a book and redesign the cover. Students had to come up with three different designs.
Rebranding Project - For this project we had to either create a product to brand, or rebrand and existing product. I choose to rebrand Nissan Top Ramen noodle soup.
Data-Driven Narrative - For this project, I had to choose a time period in my live and create information graphics using the data from that period of time.
Identity - For this project I had to create an identity package for myself which included a logo and stationary.
Anatomy drawing - This is an illustration I created for "The Healthy Woman" book. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw it and Photoshop to color it in.
Breastfeeding drawings - These are illustrations that I drew by hand for the cover of a brochure.
breastfeeding illustrations - I drew these illustrations for "The Healthy Woman" book. I drew them in Adobe Illustrator and colored them in Photoshop.
Anatomy drawings - These are diverse variations of the female human anatomy.
The pandemic's effect on the fashion industry
Superfly movie art
promotional piece
lowrider lifestyle
Trump and Twitter
Issa Rae
Issa Rae
Illustration for an article about a woman who received a face transplant
Print & Illustrations
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Adrienne Richardson
User Experience Professional Baltimore, MD