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Product design - Our team recived an award with this design.

It's automatic. It just need two 9v batteries and it works with a switch that makes it spin in two directions (to cave the cork and to take out the cork withouth pulling; and the other spin, to extract the cork from the screw
Product design - I designed it with a team of four product design engineers. We began from sketches and manufactured it ourselves, some parts are standard.

It's not designed for professional competitions, It's just for amusement parks. Its maximum speed is 50 Km/h
Product design
Recycled Lamp - Made with recycled bottles and low consumption bulbs
Product design - It's made in wood, resistant to bleakness
Product design - This is one of the first designs I made. It was made in my first year of major studies. I still have it and I like it a lot. It's made in thermoformed acrylic and aluminum foundry.
Product design - These designs are the result of an investigation about eco-design.
They are made with recycled magazine images and the waste of the package process for pills.
Product design - It's a tesselation inspired in ESCHER works.

I designed it based on tesselation theories in Adobe Illustrator CS, then, I made each piece in wood with two different thickness and painted it manually
Product design - It's a simple foldable chair made specially for gardens and pools. It provides rest and comfort.
Product design - It was made in an art class. It's the result of an intervention of Franz Mark piece of art named "Foxes". It's made in carton and painted manually.
Product design - I made this design inspired in "emphasis" one of many design principles. I used the same shape to configure the 3D star. It's made in wood and carton,
Product design - These are just ones of many desings I made when I worked in a buttons and rivets manufacturer company.

I made many designs for international and local brands of clothes.
You can see it bigger if you want to see more detail.
Product design - It's an interactive machine made for an interactive museum (mainly for children) that explains the functional principle of a cinematographic projector.
Product design - It's just a scaled prototype of a 360 swing, designed for adult entertainment.
It's made in cooper and painted with sprays.
Product design - This is a carton model of an electric knife. This was one of my first hand made models.
Product design - This is the design of a box I designed for an artist. He wanted a beauty box for packing and selling his own pigments.
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