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Doyle Reasons with Fingers - #4 of the Doyle series. Doyle tries to get Fingers to see his side of things. Looks like Fingers might crumble.
Doyle Series - Doyle Enjoys His Day Off & Doyle Has a Bad Day. These are the first two in an ongoing series in the Life of Doyle.
Doyle Gets Ghoulish - #3 of the Doyle Series. Doyle gets into the spirit of the Halloween season. Created with ink and colored pencil
ACEO Parker Penguin Waits for Santa - This is a companion piece to my ornament of the same name. The original is done in colored pencil and ink.
Charles In Snow - This illustration is drawn from an ornament of the same name(on my etsy site). The original picture is done in colored pencil, ink, computer.
Susan Houldin
Fine Artist West Hurley, NY