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Middle of Blizzard - Finished the work with colored pencil and inks.
Worn Down, But Pondering Next Move - A sketch of one of my "warrior women" as she decides what to do next in the whole scheme of things.
Blizzard Approaches - Some are more prepared for the incoming storm more than others....most notably Doyle and his friend, William.
Gang Embraces Winter - The gang enjoys winter with the snow and cold. This piece is done with ink, colored pencil and a wash of colored inks. 8.5"w x 4"h.
I rescanned the image for a better view. It's not dark on the left hand side.
Woman in Snow - Drawing done back in '94 on the subway and probably at work. It is still one of my all time favorites and was drawn with a Bic pen.
Warrior Woman with a Plan - This drawing was done most likely in '95 in different color Bic pens. It's drawn on a cover of a book that I have yet to finish. I created a replica of the warrior on a friends' wall back in '96 with black contact paper. It was a huge hit, especially when the afternoon sun hit the image.
Warrior Fashion - Warrior Women sketches drawn while riding the subway in Boston back in '02. Practicing warrior fashion and headdresses. Used Kohinoor/Pigma pens.
Practicing Headdresses - Working out more warrior fashion choices in sketchbook '02. Kohinoor/Pigma Pens.
Susan Houldin
Fine Artist West Hurley, NY