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City logo designed for local and international use. To be applied at the site of successful renovation projects.
Young boy next to stenciled Mogadishu City logo
Translation: Change is Possible
Translation: Think Different. Live Different.
5. Rebranding a City in Conflict - Mogadishu, Somalia

After 21 years of war, Mogadishu is commonly known as the "most dangerous city in the world." However, unless a new image and identity can be established internally and externally, it will never be at peace and systems of violence and conflict will dominate.

A branding campaign was created with the Mayor of Mogadishu to promote positive messages about the new stability and positive future of the city for local populations. A website was also created and launched for Somalis in diaspora to share their stories of change in the city.

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Mitchell Sutika-Sipus
Urban Service Designer, Social Scientist, and Global Conflict Specialist Kabul, Afghanistan