Airport @ Coruscant1
Airport @ Coruscant2
CW Star Fighter - Composite and Renders Design inspired by star wars:clone war fighter Background image is found game art
3d Custom Cup Models TM-50 - Modo 3d Renders of a custom plastic cup for Gordon Sinclair
M-1xA - LRLM - Modo Model Renders
M-1xA - LRLM Model Spec Sheet - Modo Sniper Rifle 3d Renders
LRRB - Modo 3d render of a Long Range Recon Bomber. Original designs.
LRTS-FDB - Modo 3d vehicle render Long Range Transport Ship/Forward Deployment Base Original Design
Asteroid Mobile Assault Base (AMAB) - 3d Modo renders. original designs
Gunship Transport view1
Gunship Transport view2
Transport Gunship view3
3d modo beer can render1
3d modo beer can render2
3d modo beer can render3
3D Renders
Steven Vatter
Graphic Artist_3D_Motion Graphics Designer Tarrytown, NY