nomad apartment - top view
homebox concept:
Mobility in sense of movability and flexibility is more and more expected from modern nomads. The ideal image is the flexible, unattached, efficient human being. But mobile living forms also require new dwelling solutions. The effort of a traditional relocation must be avoided and you have to settle down in your new home and the new environment within a very short time.
The idea of 'homebox' is to combine a stationary apartment with a portable, individual customized room.
nomad dwelling furniture
nomad dwelling furniture
adjustable seating furniture
nomad dwelling kitchen
stack-in-tables and stools
nomad dwelling furniture
adjustable desks
nomad dwelling furniture
nomad dwelling furniture
lounge furniture that can change into a bed
nomad dwelling furniture
homebox - diploma project
Svenja Hammerbeck (Geb....
dipl.designer berlin, Germany