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Splittable into three units(top-down):

1. Child Seat / trolley component
2. Container - can be used as a standalone box for toys& clothes

3. Wheel unit and stand-alone suitcase.

1+2 and 3 are together two parts witch fits within handlugage size regulations.
Traveling with a child you get an extra hand-luggage.
Suit-Case room, aas a drawer, always easy accessable
open/close the seat
At destination or storage everything folds compact down - here shown whith the wheels out.
without mid section
Stand-Alone Suitcase. Wheels are her contracted, two of them are still functioning as suitcase wheels. Still usable after the children are too old for the trolley!
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2009 FlexiCase

Combined suitcase and child-trolley concept. Made for a start-up company in Bø - Telemark. Design protected.

The design process focused on user senarioes focused on single parent on airport with a child.

Key feratures includes:
- Robust design - handeled as luggage.
- Splitable into smaller components.
- Retractable large wheels.
- Safe 3 or 5 point belt for child.
- Adjustable angle on handle.
- Component size within security req.
- Component size total as two hand-luggage.
- Bottom component funcrion as stand-alone suitcase.

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Sverre Wiik Øberg
Industrial designer - Sopra Steria Oslo, Norway