Cover design for a cover story on the famous Indians globally most of whom we don't even know about. This issue was meant for the Republic day weekend.
A fashionista spread layout for a fashion magazine.
The Auto rickshaw has inspired many things. A cover story spread for that.
Interior spaces story about saving space and making more space by innovating new solutions in existing areas.
Cover for celebs talking advising about various aspects of life that they deal with.
Cover about NRI women making it big in bollywood.
Cover story explaining how one can make the most of his money even in these hard times of price rise and inflation.
Cover story spread about how Indian cinema loves white skin and thus more and more women from other countries are trying their luck in Bollywood now.
Cover story spread for NOTV DAY special issue which expresses the need to switch off tv and do other things in the house to entertain self and others.
Cover story spread on sailing on the Mumbai Harbour.
Cover story spread on the chess champion Vishwanathan Ananad
Eating superlatives about Mumbai.
Cover story layout on the new tea that the Indians are discovering now in their palette and enjoying it too!
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Cover story on the car Ambassador, he only indegenious car which announced the shutdown of its manufacturing unit in Kolkata due to lack of funds. Here are mentioned a few profiles of people who collect and drive this car and refuse to part with them.
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Redesigned the magazine which is owned by India Business Equity Foundation. Its a business magazine focusing on Indian business and economy. It also have feature stories on travel and lifestyle on back of the book.
Redesigned content page for the magazine owned by IBEF
New story templates are focussing on text intensive look while maintaining white space balance. Special attention is given to visualisation of data, moving ahead from bar graphs and pie charts.
Travel story layout which is visual intensive while keeping most of the text space as other stories in the magazine
A yearly newsletter designed for WNS which covers all the press coverage the WNS group has got during the year.
Editorial Feature Design

Layouts of cover stories from various publications including BRUNCH. Most of them are cover story spreads and based on trending stories or are news features.
The info graphics are done be me and the illustrations have been commissioned by me to illustrators to match the content and layout styling.

Swati Chakrabarti
Graphic Design Consultant mumbai, India