water trail - its a detailed schematic distribution of the water suppl that Mumbai gets from the five lakes situated outside Mumbai and how its transferred to different tanks for daily supply to the city.
Lalbaug Flyover - First time a flyover has been demolished using this procedure in India.
HAJI ALI Redevelopment plan - One of the holiest sufi shrines in Mumbai, situated in the sea off the mainland is going for redevelopment. The idea is to not change the look of the shrine and not harm the main shrine but instead rebuilt the whole structure around it to maintian the sanctity of the shrine.
water recycling and recharging - rain water harvesting techniques for a building/colony
the redevelopment plan for Gateway of India promenade - the promenade was to be converted into an amphitheatre with a food plaza for ther visitors as well
Arthur Road Jail - Roadblocks and other security arrangements done to safeguard Kasab in the jail is causing problems to the residents of nearby areas
Power saving ideas
Information graphics
Swati Chakrabarti
Graphic Design Consultant mumbai, India