Animax Advertising Campaign (click for details)

My client is ANIMAX TV (India)
Concept of my ad campaign on Animax is directly sending out the Unique Selling Point (USP) of the channel, i.e. ANIMATION FOR ADULTS
The concept can be explained very simply- Like Cartoon Network is for kids, Animax is for adults.
The execution approach that I have chosen is
Illustration as that is best suitable for my concept, client and my capability.
My tagline: jUst for (yoU)th
My headline: it’s great to be “grown-up”!!
Reiterating the same USP. I wanted to make it look like watching Animax is the luxury for adults only. Like many other things, eg. sheesha, high heels etc.

SwatiK Art
Swati Kalani - Design Evangelist Dubai, United Arab Emirates