Bollywood Beats is a dance class that specializes in Bollywood dance form. The owner/ choreographer wanted a fun, dynamic logo which was off beat and not like the usual run down logo design with dancing silhouettes.
Brief - Express what crowdstorming ideally means to you and show the world what being part of a jovoto crowdstorm is all about. Visualize the process, to help fellow jovotans and brands/organizations around the world understand the value and potential of a crowdstorm. My Idea - Like no two snowflakes are identical, similarly no two ideas coming from different jovotans are alike. Each idea is unique, and crowdstorm is the process where these unique ideas are discussed and one outstanding solution is produced. This amalgamation of brilliant ideas to come up with even better solutions is Crowdstorming for me.
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Swati Kalani - Design Evangelist Dubai, United Arab Emirates