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Blackline GPS' Loner line of products tracks employees to ensure their safety. In case of a fall, injury, or health emergency, workers can pull a latch to sound and send an alarm so help can arrive.

GPS tracking is a primary mode through which the Loner works; however, in certain locations – for example, a metal building, basement, tunnel, or industrial plant – GPS signals cannot be received.

ANThill solves this problem by using a different communication protocol to monitor location. Since each Anthill beacon is fixed, an alarm can be pinpointed to the exact building, floor, and room. Emergency response personnel can be dispatched with speed and accuracy.
ANThill requires no calibration and no wiring to install, and it lasts five years on two C-cell batteries. With the ease of set-up and the mounting system developed by Advanta, each Anthill beacon can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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Sebastien Bonneau
Industrial Designer at Advanta Design Quebec, Canada