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BOND-Dualisma (studio 400)

Sem 2 Studio 400 Architecture USM


With the objective of designing a homogeneous and modern bazaar that
link directly to LRT station of Kampung Baru,
the bazaar will act as space of interaction
among residence and increase residence income by providing stall for them. Bazaar also will be a recreation area
which will have a lot of visitors
because the design of the building is
attractive and a lot of function provided. With the design of open space
without solid wall, natural ventilation is
channel in the building same goes to daylight. Therefore the building is green in term of natural ventilation and daylight. Other than that, bio façade is applied on the building which would help to
maintain the temperature surrounding of the building.

Syafizal Shahruddin
architecture portfolio Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia