idea design sketches
design parameters from top left to right/bottom left to right.
front elevation
right elevation
left elevation
exploded diagram explaining the sustainable strategies that being applied on the design
cut away section detailing of hotel and podium tower
interior view of lobby hotel
view from the sea
view from existing retail shoplots
bird eye view
Mix Development Commercial Complex + Hotel (studio 400)


The design concept for the 5.16 acres is to approarch and plan the building programme with the surrounding context in mind. It is interesting to observe that the surrounding existing developments were designed and built witout any consideration to the context and failed to explore the badly needed connectivity between its neighbouring buildings or immediate vicnity.

Therefore this project is an attempt to connect all the various elements which are ENVIRONMENT,ENTERTAINMENT & ENERGY. The design of this 4 star hotel and complex mall will emphasize on the daily routinne life of human being. The design are generated from the idea of
creating a "vibrant & fun " place. Through this, staff and public could share the office & facilities with each othes, thus eliminating the invisible boundary that usually separates both and created unfriendly environment.

Syafizal Shahruddin
architecture portfolio Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia