design strategy-idea development
design strategy-idea development
massing study anlysis
site summary
exploded diagramm showing the spaces and the activity proposed in this centre
east elevation
north elevation
west elevation
sectional perspective of hostel block by showing the sustainable strategies
sectional perspective of educational blocks by showing the sustainable strategies
view towards andministration block of rehabilitation centre
view towards the hostel block
view towards the street market which act as social interaction place between public and youth
bird eye view
WIP building structure concept
WIP for farming training block
still work in progress
still work in progress
revised roof design and facade treatment
Youth Rehabilitation Self Sustain Center (studio 500)

Juvenile Self-Sustain Rehabalitation Center is applying a new approach of solving the juvenile issues instead of following the conventional type of juvenile center where the people are being treated as a prisoner and too rigidmental. From architectural point of view, the way of conventional juvanal school being conducted is not relevant to the modern days. There is a need in change in terms of programmes, facilities, spaces and aesthetic aspect of the building itself in order to give physcologicial effect
towards the juvenile resident.

Syafizal Shahruddin
architecture portfolio Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia