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This is the bike before any of the components were added.
Molds for custom housing.
Battery packs and part of custom housing.
Part of the custom plastic housing.
Adding wood filler to be sanded down to smooth out molds in preparation of plastic forming.
Refinement of molds for plastic molding.
Plastic forming one of the molds to create a side of the custom housing.
Housing post vacuum forming.
Redesign of an old motor controller compartment to serve as a compartment to house the batteries.
Removing excess plastic from housing.
Hand molding the outer ribbons of the housing with a heat gun.
Mounting housing onto the bike.
Finished spray painting of the housing.
Finished and working bike.
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EVT Electric Bicycle

This project, as a part of the RIT Electric Vehicle Team, was an introduction to how electric vehicles work. I was responsible for integrating the major electric components, batteries and motor controller, into a custom housing on the bicycle.

Sydney Lizarazo
Mechanical Engineer San Francisco, CA