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CAD design of new sub-frame to house the motor controller.
Bent pieces of the sub-frame.
Welded bend seams of the sub-frame.
Sub-frame welded together.
Completed sub-frame.
One of the mounting components for the new motor mounting.
First test day with the new improvements on the motorcycle.
REV1 with new improvements for Imagine RIT.
Completed motorcycle after test day at the New York Safety Track.
Competing at the eMoto Racing Series in 2016 in NJ. Placed second in the intercollegiate race.
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EVT REV1 2015-16

As the project manager of mechanical improvements for the motorcycle as a aprt of EVT, I oversaw motor realignment and sub-frame redesign. I personally was in charge of the design and manufacturing of the new sub-frame for the motorcycle. We competed at the eMoto Racing series in July 2016 in NJ, and placed second in the intercollegiate race.

Sydney Lizarazo
Mechanical Engineer San Francisco, CA