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Benchmark table of various properties of cells under consideration for this project.
Comparative decision matrix of cell properties. Ultimately the Samsung 25R was chosen as the base cell for this project.
CAD representation of the battery pack.
Image depicting how current will flow through the bus bars connecting the cells.
Bus bar material selection graphs, indication minimum size requirements based on expected current draw.
For the application, nickel was chosen as the bus bar material.
CAD representation of a test setup with a cooling plate and cell.
Test set-up of a cooling plate with a brazed on heat fin.
Test set-up of a cell and a double heat fin attached to a cooling plate.
Test set-up of a cooling plate test with three cells.
Graph of the results of all of the major tests performed.
Table indicating final temperatures of the various tests performed.
Cold plate for a 9-cell pack with embedded heat pipes.
Pre-assembly of 9-cell heat pipe prototype pack.
Spot welding of 9-cell heat pipe prototype pack.
Interior of assembled 9-cell heat pipe prototype pack.
Interior of 9-cell copper fin prototype pack.
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Liquid Cooled Battery System

This project consists of designing, building and testing a fully functional lithium-ion battery system for the RIT Electric Vehicle Team’s next generation electric motorcycle. I was responsible for selecting the base cell, as well as designing the bus bars and cell connections. I am currently responsible for designing and building prototypes to validate current designs.

Sydney Lizarazo
Mechanical Engineer San Francisco, CA