The bad news and stats: As the founders, specialists and doctors of the NGO spoke to us about the statistics of burning accidents and injuries in Iran, we understood the vast consequences of the problem.
Audiences' Insights: We started by finding insights about how people think about Getting Burnt and Being Burnt. We found three main insights that became our foundations to develop strategies.
Identity Design Approach: The IDEA approach helped us to define the fundamental attributes of the brand.
Naming: As we found that burnt people can still recover their physical and social strengths by getting medical and psychological treatments, we named the NGO, Ghoghnoos (which means Phoenix in Farsi) to encourage and empower their hope.
Logo: The logo has a circular structure to imply "Returning" and "Getting back" to life. The body is a mixture of Flames and Phoenix bird.
Color Theme: We chose Spring Green as the hero color to imply the "Hope" and "Being Reborn". And also to create differentiation with other medical NGOs which usually use Red and Blue to communicate their medical aspects.
Visual Identity & Style
The Savings Bank: We designed the Savings Bank with a decorative affordance not just for collecting donations, but to send a message that "Helping Ghoghnoos will be a beautiful experience".
Hand Made and Green: The Savings Bank is made of clay to be Environment-Friendly. And also to empower the idea of "Getting back to life". We thank our dear friends at Zindast Ceramics who handcrafted the savings banks in a passionate and wholehearted way.
Digital Design: We designed the website to deliver all the services and contents in an integrated way.
Campaigns and Advertising: To communicate the core messages of Ghoghnoos, we designed a campaign by writing the messages on the body (skin).
Expanding the campaign: To embrace the 1st day of winter (22nd December) as the National day for Burn Prevention, we redesigned our campaign to engage more people in a more beautiful way (using calligraphy on the skin).
The impacts of love: This was -and still is- one of the most challenging projects we've ever designed. We keep loving it ...
Be there for them: Over 180,000 people in Iran get injured or die due to burn accidents each year. We work with Ghoghnoos NGO to fight this and support Burnt Patients through their physical and mental recovery and rehabilitation. Go to to see how you can make a difference and join the fight.
Ghoghnoos NGO

Ghoghnoos is a non-profit NGO that supports Burnt Patients in Iran.
Our mission was to design an identity for the organization that resonates with people and communicates their goals, services and needs, clearly.
(Ghoghnoos means phoenix in Farsi)

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