How should a dress be crafted to suit a successful person?! And how should the brand be crafted?
Positioning and Targeting: We positioned the brand to communicate and resonate with the targeted audience. The general characteristics related to success were the foundation of the brand DNA.
Brand Story and Presentation Approach: We developed the brand vision and style through common characteristics of "High-End fashion" and "Success in life".
Tagline: The tagline refers to precisely and passionately crafted style of both the "Products (as fashion)" and "Persona (as a successful person)".
ADs and Brand Presentations: The advertising campaign communicates the Brand Story and Presentation Approach: Common characteristics of "Success in life" and "High-End fashion".
Digital Experience: We developed and designed the website in alignment with Visual Identity, User Functional and Emotional Experience, and Brand DNA.
Production Management: JQC asked us to design and manage the production of hand-crafted parts to create a premium value for its products. In collaboration with Jeweler Craftsmen, we managed the production process of silver buttons and studs to create a unique and high-value product quality and experience.
Accessory Design: We also designed a JQC buckle that contains 110 Gr of silver, installed on a leather belt.
Packaging Design: The package has a long-lasting approach to guard the clothes and accessories.
Visual Identity & Style: The logotype and graphics represent the Brand DNA: Being firm, strong and precisely-crafted.
Crafted Path: JQC continues crafting more successful styles for like-minded people; And we continue being there for them...

As a producer of high-quality clothing and personal accessories, JQC asked us to develop their identity and exposure, based on their design approach; Premium High-End clothes with Hand-Crafted production.

Tajrobeh Design Studio
Business Development through Design Tehran, Iran