The design mission: Our client asked us to design an ecology to help travelers plan their exploration through Iran and get proper and qualified services.
Business Design: We mapped all the impactful nodes in the traveling ecology and defined the interaction style between the brand and each node.
Naming: The name consists of three Farsi verbs. "Ro" stands for "GO". "bin" stands for "See" and "zi" stands for "Live".
Service Design: By using "Immersion" and "Insight Hunting", we designed the ecosystem of all the feasible services that can be delivered to a traveler via an online platform.
Digital experience and Interface Design
Visual Identity & Style We developed the visual system using traveling-related pictures to create flexible and dynamic graphics.
Visual Ambiguity: To keep the ambiguous and refresh feeling of traveling to a new place, we used texts to create a dynamic and once-in-a-lifetime texture for the pictures.
Brand Exposure and Advertising
Expanding Visual Identity
The Brand Guidelines
Supporting Traveling: Robinzi is under development to deliver more integrated services to travelers all across Iran.

Robinzi delivers comprehensive online tourism and traveling services to those who want to explore Iran.

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Tajrobeh Design Studio
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