How did it all begin? With 10 years of experience, the founders of Zigorock asked us to design an online market and service to revolutionize the current traditional stone business.
Brand Strategy and Architecture: By digging deep into the Business Ecology and Relations, we discovered the opportunities and defined the "Value and Service Positioning" of Zigorock as a "Business Partner/Provider".
Naming and Tagline: The name is inspired by "Ziggurat" and "Rock" to imply the collective and inclusive-oriented Vision and Business Style of the brand. The tagline represents core brand function and concept (being a reliable platform for business) and aims to create a powerful and reliable sense for the brand. The word "Bedrock" implies that Zigorock is more of a fundamental "Business Infrastructure" rather than just being a Business Network
Fundamental Structure of Digital Experience: The overall structure of the web site covers the 3 layers of Zigorock functions: 1- A Business solution provider; 2- a Business platform provider; and 3- a Business network hub.
All the potential and active target audiences are organized through the interface
Service Design and Business Ecology: In collaboration with the management and marketing, we developed and mapped the entire service ecology and experience of Zigorock to manage all the functional, emotional and cognitive interactions between users and the system.
Digital touchpoints of Services: Parallel with "Direct" and "In the field" services, the digital platform facilitates most of the Zigorock business services.
Designing User Experience: All professional users can have a personalized business management platform to handle their services, touch points, and interactions.
A family of services and accesses: Leaving no stone unturned, we combined all the networks, services, solution and contents into one single embodiment.
Visual Identity & Taste: We developed an integrated graphic and sensory style to create a consistent feeling for different touch points of the brand.
Logo: Inspired by the form of Ziggurat, the logo sends a message about "building upon each other" and "being a part of a bigger picture".
Visual Signage: Being dynamic and energetic, Standing together, Being Consistent and firm, ...
A long-lasting impact and presence
Copywriting: The copywriting was developed to cover all aspects of brand identity and services.
Exposure Design and Advertising Campaign: We projected all the campaigning programs on the Brand Positioning Map to touch all parts of the targeted audiences.
Visual Ads: These visual advertising ideas communicate the core Brand Story of Zigorock.
The way to go: Zigorock continues developing services and experiences for its partners (users/customers) to create yet stronger bedrock for stone industry; Bringing the beauty of the mother Earth to our living spaces. We'll be there for them.
Brand Guidelines: The final delivery...

Zigorock is a modern digital platform and experience, to bring out the huge potentials of stone industry and market.

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