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Gunship concept
Cars .
We see that often written around houses , I felt its a terrific title for a composition to be made of .

It's one Street gang vs the other situation .

Done very fast , i didn't use much planning or reference , relied on my spontaneity and instinct . I tried a mix media - water colors + acrylics kind of effect as I used to do on paper during my art classes days .

Painted on Photo shop cs3 .
Bike Concept
Biker Samurai - Random concept of a Samurai riding his bike, across desert on backdrop of a Mega City situated in desert. This is to practice environment concepts .

Done in pscs3

Vigilante Justice - My heroine I conceptualized about a girl who witnesses crime around her and decided to do something about it ! Where she got her suit and arms from , is yet to be decided but I welcome all ideas.

Am targeting Indian comic con and coming up with random characters , anything tht I feel strongly about am making it , just want to express my ideas to audience.

Done in pscs3
Rana Sanga - The great Rajput King, Rana Sangram Singh ( Battle Lion) of Mewar , Rajasthan!
One of the greatest Rajput warriors who waged constant wars and united many Rajput states. He was a man with indomitable spirit and despite losing one arm, one eye he kept fighting ! Once in battle he had 90 spear wounds , still kept fighting with great valor, His courage inspired many others .

Done in pscs3
Automobile .
pencil sketches .
Concepts , Ideas

Concept , Crazy ideas .

Varun Rampal
Design Professional delhi, India