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King of the Jungle - Animal sketch practice .
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Girl Pose study - Pencil on paper
From the art class sessions .
Sitting Upright - Pose study
Dancers - Pose Study
Goal Keeper - Pose studies
Woman Sketch - Potratit study of a woman who attended same painting class as me. We did these slow, pantient drawings and these classes were really amazing
Canines and Felines
Feelin, Like.............., - I Like To Feel, wat am drawing!
Random sketching
Life Drawing - Market Scene .
Player -
Movement studies ... pencil & paper .
The Fighter .
Animal Drawing Practice
Cafe is an Interesting place .

Draw dude , draw .
Life Studies ....
Tennis Girl
Monkey Business - Animal drawing & Fun !
Drawing Practice - Poses , gestures . 2006
Sketch what you see . Pen on paper .
Girls - back in 2008 when I was working , developing virtual characters .
Expression , pose studies
Random capture
Fighter girl - pose studies from sports videos.
Life Drawing - Pose, gesture studies .
Expressions -
Pencil , paper & ... draw baby !
Muay Thai Boxing .
Girl in street - Public figure studies .
You got to be fast to draw these .
Thriller faces .
Bandarr .
The Observing man .
Engrossed - random sketch at workplace .
stay still.. I am sketching you .
Aldo The " APACHE" - My fav. character in the movie!
FEMME FATALE - some of my pencil sketches and line art.
CHEV CHELIOS AND SNAKE PLISSKEN - Two Of Baddest Men get togetehr, ready to kick azzzzz.....
Muscle Back - ...........
I,m here - Live sketching
Gina Carano . My Fave MMA fighter . Pencil on paper .
Posture Study -
My animation class sketch .
RED HOT RIDING HOOD - One of my most fav characters, created by legend TEX AVERY, i tried to create her my style.
Kapoor Uncle - An elderly gentleman artist who used to attend same painting classes as me. I enjoyed drawing his facial features, calm and wisdom of old age.

pencil, charcoal and pastels
Faces - gesture, expressions practice
Punch for punch .
- Anatomy , muscle movement study .
Tough Detective - Concept i did for a writer friend of mine of a tough guy , old school detective in his middle ages. So i chose CHARLES BRONSON as my refferance and did this drawing.

Who can be more tougher thn those guys u say??
URBAN CHICK - sexy urban gal , with a tatste of fashion!
The Thief - A modern day, gadget savvy , cigarette smoking high flying thief .
Female Pose study - Sketches done in calm, focused environment of art class.
BAM - Lights Out! - K-1 Fighting Rocks.
Athletes - sketch practice from various magazines .
Female Pose Study - Study of different female body poses to get a grip on anatomy and proportions
Posture - gesture studies
Life Sketching
Kirk Douglas : THE CHAMPION - Every Woman Goes FOr A Champion!!

Yeahhh right, saw this movie last night. What raw appeal Midge Kelly had . Made him here all scarred and bruised, after a hard battle in ring.

Pencil on paper.
Gullitine Choke - ts for my love for this sport again. Neck snapping choke applied until you tap out!
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Sketches, doodles which were done in process of conceptualizing main idea & practice stuff .

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