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Vertebrae Dining Table - Solidworks Rendering - Inspired by nature, Vertebrae is a study in the human body. Sets of ribs along the curved spine hold up the table's glass top.
Rhiney Social Project - Rhiney is a conceptual project for Alexandra, South Africa. 30,000 shanties are being replaced by more permanent structures. Old tires that were part of the dwellings are destined for the landfill. Roberto Achacoso and I propose Rhiney, a community-based project. The townspeople collect the tires and build a children's playground. We hope this project spurs a sense of community and helps make Alexandra a nurturing place to raise the next generation. Part of Material ConneXion book Fall 07.
Futaba - design process - Living in New York, many have two choices: a great location but nowhere to entertain or more spacious quarters too out of the way visitors. Why can't you have it all? I began with sketches (a few shown here), then made 20 scale models of how the furniture may convert from one form to another. Quick Solidworks models aided my understanding of the transformation while a full-scale cardboard model was made to finalize all details.
Futaba - convertible coffee table/love seat - Futaba, meaning "double leaves sprout from one seed," is a convertible piece of furniture that transfroms from a coffee table to a love seat. With dual functionality and eco-friendly materials, Futaba provides an elegant solution for vaious needs in small spaces. Semi-finalist for "Designing for a Sustainable Future"
Pottery - Ever since I saw the town potter at Waterloo Colonial Village in the third grade, I knew I wanted to make pottery. I finally had my chance in college, but it was not until I lived in Tokyo for six months that I fully appreciated the beauty of the craft. I have used both stoneware and porcelain in raku and high fire.
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