+ Welham Girls' School Project + - A personalised set of 6 coasters designed for Welham Girls' School, for their 50th Anniversary. The school has 6 Houses which are named after birds: Golden Oriole | Paradise Flycatcher | Hoopoe | Little Kingfisher | Woodpecker | Bulbul
+ The Exclusive Christmas Collection + - Coasters developed for the Christmas Season!
+ Mughal Flowers Coasters + - Colors | Pastel Blues & Pinks Theme | Mughal Flowers Description: Based on original hand painted flowers of the Mughal Era combined with elegant corners, this set of coasters was designed for Serendipiti, a studio that manufactures exclusive home accessories. The brand identity was created keeping in mind the elegance with which the products are developed.
+ Serendipiti Playing Cards (Persian) + - Designed & Manufactured during the festival season.
+ Serendipiti Persian Coasters +
+ Serendipiti Placemats & Coasters +
+ Serendipiti Valentine Coasters +
+ Serendipiti Flowers Coasters + - Illustration, Vector, Graphic Design, Design, Art
+ Serendipiti William Morris Designs +
Serendipiti Home Accessories
++Tanushree+ +
Graphic Designer New Delhi, India