Toilets for India Client - Harpic The toilet icon in the logo is made out of various hand vectors, thus bringing in the idea of toilets for India. The font being Cafeta and palette being tricolour with Harpic colours as an add on at the right place.
Client -
TREELATIONSHIP - Logo Design for a museum of trees. The logo is a leaf with incorporation of two human faces, showing the relationship between flora, fauna and homo sapiens. Our target audience are tree lovers who encourage, admire & facilitate the notion of green environment, the benefits of having a tree museum. The green family colour chosen is an identification of foliage. The idea was to come up with a unique design that depicts linkage & hence a metamorphosis of two human faces with leaf was the outcome.
Monday Morning Quickie This logo was created for Facebook Monday Morning Quickie Page. A podcast co-founded by Delhi-based stand-up comics Vikramjit Singh and Denny George. Now a comedy collective featuring friends and fellow comics producing live acts in addition to the podcast.
Explore More Client - Woodland The logo is made out of various sport icons, with earthy tones of green and brown being the colour palette. Thus, bringing in the Woodland brand colours and philosophy.

Brand Identity for Woodland, Harpic, and Monday Morning Quickie.

Freelance, Full-time
Tanya Paul
Art Director. User Interface Designer. Illustrator. Creative Thinker Bengaluru, India