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Nook - Hanging Lights

The Nook Light, designed for a contemporary open plan dining room, consists of two major interlinking parts that fit snugly together. The shell, made up of laminated Koto and Bamboo Veneer, is bent at a radius to construct an organic frame. The frame houses heat-bent frosted Perspex, which allows warm ambient, yet sufficient light, though. This provides an appropriate environment for modern, family-orientated tasks such as homework, reading, socialising and dining. The bent Perspex is accommodated by a detachable horizontal Aluminium rod. Each Light encloses a CFL energy saving light bulb, which can be replaced by removing the rod to access the fitting. The Light is a single article fixed to a ceiling with three steel cables stemming from an Aluminium cap. It can be hung solitary or in a desired series at different heights. As premeditated, the Light simulates a traditional bird house that provides a Nook – a quiet place that is sheltered or a small section of a larger room.

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Tashma Kritzinger
Content Creator Cape Town, South Africa