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Stapel - Dividing Unit

Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s Tea Trolley 901, the Stapel Dividing unit is an innovative simplistic design. The heavy duty removable shelves provide customizable packing space for various items. Strong MDF wheels allow ease of movement as well as stability to this versatile design. Celebrating the freedom of space, the Stapel Unit truly echoes Aalto’s minimalistic design approach through its airy shelving and statement wheels.
Stapel is designed to divide a living space into two smaller areas to provide privacy, yet has effective negative space to allow the flow of air and light and not make a solid partition. The removable, shift-able shelves that can be organised in any preferred arrangement provides a packing space for desired articles depending on area it is used in.

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Tashma Kritzinger
Content Creator Cape Town, South Africa