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For just more than a decade the honeybees’ species has been subject to the global devastation of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). In the Western Cape commercial bee farmers are experiencing major losses in honeybee colonies. In South Africa, the American Foulbrood Disease (AFB) has been infecting colonies and diminishing honey production by a large percentage. Due to this devastation, TREBEL, a product that promotes the uptake of urban beekeeping was designed.

TREBLE is a portable electronic device that uses mist, sound and light to block pheromone communication between bees. By interfering with their chemical, acoustical and visual communication methods, the bees are more reluctant to sting and ultimately behave as if they are undisturbed. With a robust plastic casing, TREBLE encloses three main features, the mist chamber, Light Emitting Diodes and the vibrational Surface Transducer.

Tashma Kritzinger
Content Creator Cape Town, South Africa