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Weaving Art Class (4 meetings)
Winter Angel one-day workshop
Valentine's Heart Art Workshop (2 hours meeting)
Birds Art Workshop (2 hours meeting)
Flowers Art Workshop (2 hours meeting)
Floppy Bunny Class (4 meetings)
Betty Doll Class (4 meetings)
weaving art, project #1 "paper strips weaving"
weaving art, project #4 "tiny wall hangings, yarns weaving"
weaving art, project #6 "weaving baskets "
weaving art project #3 "nature's pieces weaving"
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Sharon Art Studio in San Francisco

Sharon Art Studio is my favorite place to be in San Francisco. And working there with kids on so many different projects is what made my heatr very happy.
*In Betty Doll class, for example, we're making dolls. Out of felt and batting, fabric and sewing threads - everyone is adore it.
*It is exciting to be inspired by the pure and simple pieces of nature and create exotic collages.
In the Fabric Art class the students are learning the basics of dyeing techniques, hand sewing, the best variety of embroidery stitches for texture and text.
*Experimenting with PAPER is always exiting because it's an incredible medium - just fold, roll, cut out, glue and otherwise transform sheets of paper in various shapes.

Tatiana Mak
artsy craftsy teacher & kids room organizer Emeryville, CA