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Obelia Pendant lights

Obelia Pendant Lights are a collection of local artisan made spun aluminium lights with angled natural solid timber rims as their feature. With the additional bentwood timber arc, Obelia will hang cozily in all environments.
The feature of Obelia is a solid timber rim, which begins by skillfully hand joining two pieces of certified solid timber. It is then CNC cut before being hand finished and polished. It angles from one side to the other giving the light a subtle difference in appearance depending on the angle it is viewed. This rim sits on another fine rim, which has been carefully formed when the dome has been hand spun. The bent timber arc holding the spun lamp is steam bent from one of our few artisans in Australia still working with this traditional technique.

Influenced by natural gum nuts the pendant lights are named after a gum -nut baby character honoring May Gibbs.

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Troy Backhouse
Creative Melbourne, Australia