Space punguin
Robotic dragon
Cute robot
Line drawings
Remote controlled car
Spacecraft - Here s a nice little Canson sketch. I used Pen, Markers, Colored pencils and chalk.
Futuristic car
Concept car
Concept car
Goggles - This was originally a speed painting I did as I was learning Corel Painter. After putting it to the side for a few weeks I came back to it and spent some time refining the values, colors and textures.
Headset concepts
Flying air purifier concept
30 concept, one week
Shoe concepts
Shoe concepts
Toyetic USB concept 01 - Very inappropriate but it does show I have a sense of humor!
Toyetic USB concept 02
Toyetic USB concept 03
Toyetic USB concept 04
Snowboard binding
Omega bluetooth headset
Respirator Concept 1
Final Concept 1
Respirator Concept 2
Final Concept 2
Final Concept 3
Final Concept 3
Design Hungry
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Product Designer San Francisco, CA