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Caffeine Study Poster - This is meant to show the correlation between the amount of caffeine in a beverage and how "extreme" the logo/font treatment becomes.
28th Undergraduate Symposium - I was the junior designer with the senior designer being Ashley Sako. This was a year long project which went from creating an identity to making brochures, shirts and the end product, a book.
Menu Resume Concept - This was a project done for an employer where they asked that I create a menu describing myself. There was full creative freedom so I took the idea of using the Adobe brand style and created a menu with my information.
2008 AIGA Portfolio Reviews - The design was done by me, with help from 3 other classmates and members of the AIGA. The style they wanted was hand drawn, so we tried to incorporate that throughout each piece.
Shugart Builders Ad Campaign - These were done for an ongoing ad campaign in Traverse Magazine. The pieces contain original photographs of Traverse City and were inspired by old Kodak advertisements.
Wedding Invitation 1 - Wedding invitation done inspired by a designer featured in an article from a wedding magazine they had shown me. The style was simple yet elegant. Very crisp and colorful.
Wedding Invitation 2 - For this invitation the clients wanted a very simple design, 2 color, which emphasized the location of where they met, got engaged and would be wed.
Reeling Waters Bolf Scorecards - These scorecards were designed for a hybrid golf sport called Bolf. The design was to simply look as though it belongs to a normal golf course.
Metaphor Band Poster - This is a farewell concert poster for the band The Setup. The snowman melting in the sun represents the farewell.
Art Brochure - This project needed to appeal toward a younger audience but still look somewhat professional. The idea was being able to look inside the mind of a new student or artist.
Tubular Detroit - This was a two person project. We were to look at the city of Detroit and specifically, an issue with the city, and come up with a creative solution for the problem. The problem here was air pollution, and the comical solution we came up with was to remove automobiles from "The Motor City" and implement a tube travel system.
Young Leaders Initiative Identity - This was a redesign of the Young Leaders Initiative logo. The new identity was to have imagery of the Detroit skyline, the Methodist cross and more.
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Thomas Doyle
Graphic Designer Ann Arbor, MI