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Film Title Sequence :: Requiem For A Dream - This is a film title sequence redesign that I did for "Requiem For A Dream". The credits disintegrate into a violent pulsating mass of typograpy, demonstrating a prevalent theme in the film - the 2nd law of thermodynamics (order to chaos).

Watch it now at: http://www.teachmelove.com/move/reel/substances/substances.html
30 Second Spot :: Outkast's New Double Album - This is a national 30 second spot that I did for Outkast's new double album - "Speakerboxxx" and "The Love Below".

Watch it now at: http://www.teachmelove.com/move/reel/outkast/outkast.html
Music Video :: Beautiful Day - This is an experimental music video for U2's "Beautiful Day". I worked with After Effects' 3D engine to achieve a flat 2.5D hybrid (2D + 3D) aesthetic.

Watch it now at: http://www.teachmelove.com/move/reel/beautiful/beautiful.html
Motion Typography :: Ocean - This is an experimental animation utilizing typography as a medium. The ocean and the two spirits were created using dense layers of rich letterform in After Effects.

Watch it now at: http://www.teachmelove.com/move/reel/ocean/ocean.html
Music Video :: Lunar Walk - This is a character that I modeled, animated, and rendered in Maya for an experimental music video for Delirious' "History Maker". The cel animation aesthetic was achieved using a toon shader.

Watch it now at: http://www.teachmelove.com/move/reel/moon/moon.html
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